this is us. social by design.

opening soon to thrill you: mahabalipuram, goa, jodhpur, igatpuri, bangalore

it's more than a chic hotel.
it's a whole new contemporary, global experience.

Zone by the park hotels shatters all your perceptions and experiences of a typical hotel or resort. Zone is conceptualised to connect like-minded people through the imaginative use of modern design and local cultural influences. it overflows with art and entertainment. it's buzzing and addictive. it energises you with new ideas and engagements that renew your passion for life.

hotel concept

it's the "hub" of the
city, the place to be
and be seen in

exquisitely curated spaces
by different international
designers and indian
artistes inspire new
worlds of delight

smart rooms combine
new age technology with
distinctive design,
smart storage spaces and
multifunctional furniture

flexible, free-flowing
spaces invite reading,
working, meeting, greeting,
eating, dining,
playing or just being,
for guests of all ages

The Zone Auto
is your "go to" place
that comes to you

global cuisine kitchen
theatres offer
interactive dining
experiences and
encourage conversations

retro and digital
games swing you back
and forth different
time Zones

free hi-speed wi-fi across
the hotel and
extraordinary services
at pocket-friendly prices

speed spa for
quick treatments

Brand as Z bar that
promises to be the
next social hotspot