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a proactive approach
to partnership.

zone places high value on partnerships by establishing a long term
two-way relationship that is committed to delivering strong profits.

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development, investment and operations

the development, investment and operations of hotels is managed through management contracts. to preserve the purity of concept and facilitate a faster, smoother process, support can be provided to investors to identify sites for funding. zone also helps developers create hotel assets that maximise revenues through efficiencies in space, opportunity and capital.


as both parties are working towards the same goals, zone invests in win-win partnerships and prefers to engage in long term relationships for single or multiple projects.

how we work
how we work


zone takes into consideration the needs of the investors and has strategic relationships in place to support or assist in providing debt financing.

design & development services

take advantage of the fully designed and engineered development concept in combination with the pro-active involvement of the design & development team. you benefit from a substantial reduction of professional fees and overall development costs and risks compared to 'traditional' hotels, while ensuring a high and consistent quality level.

the involvement of zone's design & development team is mandatory throughout the development process to ensure compliance with the brand standards. they will provide the following services:

how we work
  • provide zone design and project documents which are complete blue prints for an ideal site
  • assist in procurement of professional team, suppliers (ff&e, it, mep etc.) and contractors
  • assist in setting program milestones
  • support during design and (value) engineering
  • advise on complying with zone brand standards
  • advise on procurement of pre-fabricated building elements (as applicable), ff&e, it, etc.
  • review and approve mock-up room (as applicable)
  • assist on selection and be responsible for art management services
  • quality review of finishes, ff&e, it, systems, m&e, etc. during development
  • acceptance of the building on behalf of zone
  • review of design and development documents and samples