Zone Connect: About Us

At Zone Connect, we break the rules and fill the space with surprising delights and delightful surprises that appeal to the fun magnet in you. We endeavor to break the monotony and bump off the sameness at our chic and sleek chain of hotels, envisaged by THE Park. Expect to experience aesthetics and art, curated from across the globe, sure to charm all your senses.

Contemporary architecture, an array of cultural knick knacks, an impressive reach, a teeming youth culture and a team of extremely harmonious team, Zone Connect is the quintessential metropolitan hotel albeit more tasteful and affable to the wallet.

Zone Connect at the destinations of leisure is the pivot of all things enchanting. Be it an opulent stay on a beachside embracing the sun and waves, an architectural pursuit in places with history, or a cozy break, nestled away among pines and cedars, on a quiet hillside in valleys of woods, we can realize all your storybook holidays with our plush environs and avant-garde experience that embodies tradition and dynamics.

Zone Connect at locations of business is conceived as the nucleus of all things social for the modern corporate travelers. It is the social catalyst that connects you to the city and to all things urban and modern. It is the hub of all business activities, offering preeminent meeting spaces and meditatively chosen rooms and suites. Geared for your busy coffee-n-croissants kind of mornings, our vibrant restaurants, bars and our remarkable services are there for you, along with unwavering Wi-Fi and everything else you might need, to make your work trip prolific. Our spaces are bright, capacious and clutter-free to keep your productivity and creativity soaring. We are fervently pacing towards stirring up a revolution for the vivacious youth who seek a comfy work trip.


At Zone, the theory of friend-onomics comes into play. Tag us, share, connect, explore, tweet up, follow, post, repost and more on our social handles. For you are the best friend and guide for fellow Zone residents. Bring your social community to the Zone.

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